Our Mission Here at PCT+ Learning Center is Simple: Make International IP Practice Accessible, Understandable, and Useful to You and Your Clients.

PCT, aka, an International Patent Application, should not be shrouded in mystery. Rather, it should be a familiar tool used in almost all “outbound” patent application filings beyond the U.S. Our founder, Gary Smith, began this mission more than 14 years ago. We have since trained thousands of PCT application professionals, at more than 80 live and, now, on-demand seminars, making the PCT Application an arrow in their IP quiver. The need for PCT international patent application practice knowledge is growing rapidly. Our ambition here at PCT+ Learning Center (PCTLC) is to provide firms and companies the necessary training and support for seamless, reliable PCT, Hague (Industrial Design), and Madrid (Trademark), and EPO competence.

PCTLC now offers a fully online/on-demand 24/7 delivery model to accommodate all time zones and all needs for training across the globe that includes PCT, Hague (Industrial Designs), Madrid (Trademark), and EPO. Our clients include all of the top patent filing entities in the U.S. and include small and large domestic and international corporations, companies, and law firms.

PCTLC Brings Worldwide IP to You!