Patent Designs has been operating as a drafting service in the IP industry for over 25 years. We are a well organized and
well trained team that understands the needs of our clients and we take pride in our ability to assist anyone from the solo
inventor to the large firm practitioner.

Moving away from a traditional office environment, Patent Designs operates in a remote setting. This transition has allowed
us to provide longer service hours and be available in multiple time zones, providing greater value to our clients when
they are in tight situations. Being remote also provides us with the ability to keep our costs low, which in
turn directly impacts the competitive prices we are able to offer our clients.

Lastly, the trust of our clients is our most important responsibility as a company. Our goal is to be sure that you as our client
be absolutely confident that we are going to not only protect your idea but do our best to make your vision into a reality.