Kim & Stewart LLP is a new kind of patent prosecution law firm that has been established to meet the needs of clients who are seeking high quality patents under ever growing budgetary constraints. The firm has dispensed with the antiquated business model of law firms that rely on billable hours to track productivity of its attorneys. As a result, the firm is able to offer clients a highly simplified fee schedule that provides our clients better visibility of their budgets and, more importantly, aligns the firm with the client’s interest in getting patents allowed as quickly as possible.

The firm’s motto is “Driven to Deliver Quality.” Our focus is on the quality of the work that is generated rather than the quantity, because we understand that the foundation of long-term relationship with clients is quality. In addition, we continually invest in our clients by giving seminars, hosting trainees, and conducting review sessions, all at no additional cost to the clients.

The firm’s technical expertise is in the electrical, computer, mechanical, and chemical arts. The firm’s founding partners each have advanced degrees in engineering. Fred Kim has a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering and was a researcher at NASA prior to going into law. Similarly, Michael Stewart has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and Ryota Watanabe has an M.S. in electrical engineering. The fourth partner, Robert Brush, joined the firm in 2020 and his degree is in electrical and computer engineering.

The firm’s attorneys are in Texas, California, and New Jersey. The firm has a physical office in San Jose, CA and opened an office in Tokyo, Japan in 2020 to service clients in Japan in their language and in real-time. The firm’s attorneys travel regularly to Tokyo to host seminars and conduct review sessions. The firm is also a regular contributor to the monthly journal published by AIPPI Japan.