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Webinar: Building a Robust Freedom-to-Operate Process: Finding Competitive Edges & Avoiding Pitfalls

Freedom-to-operate (FTO) investigations are of critical importance to companies to stay abreast of the latest technological developments as well as to mitigate risk in competitive markets. A common characteristic among the most successful companies is a robust, deliberate, and standardized FTO process in which this critical risk management process operates as an accelerant for product innovation and development rather than a hindrance.

Our experience has shown that well-considered FTO processes allow companies to better identify risk envelopes, which allows them to strike the right balance between conservatism and recklessness and gain competitive edges. Too often, companies with weakly defined FTO processes opt to take the overly conservative approach, which unnecessarily sacrifices competitiveness and makes them more vulnerable to pitfalls.

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, at 12 PM ET, continuing ClearstoneIP’s series of webinars on FTO topics, Gene Quinn, patent attorney, President and Founder of IPWatchdog.com, will host a discussion with Matthew Engel, Patent Agent and Scientific Advisor at Baker Botts, Ben Vastine, Legal Counsel at Braskem America, and Gabe Sukman, CEO of ClearstoneIP. The panel will discuss the common pitfalls encountered in FTO, the importance of leveraging institutional knowledge, and pathways to discovering competitive edges.

In addition to taking your questions, the panel will discuss:

1. Avoiding fragmented and haphazard documentation while maintaining confidentiality
2. The risks created by disparate, individualized processes within an organization
3. Avoiding redundancies and aligning business purpose with FTO processes


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