Maulin Shah & Bruce Berman


Maulin Shah, Esq., is Managing Attorney of Envision IP, a specialty law firm focused on patent research and invalidity studies. He holds dual BSc degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, and practiced patent law at Snell & Wilmer LLP before starting Envision IP.

Bruce Berman heads Brody Berman Associates, a strategic communications firm that helps to differentiate IP rights and holders. He is responsible for five books, including From Ideas to Assets and The Intangible Investor.

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Software and business methods over half of Google, Microsoft US patents

Software and method patents may appear to have fallen out of favor because of recent court decisions and legislation. However, recent trends indicate that they comprise surprisingly high portions of four US companies’ recent grants. Of the 2,599 US patents granted last year to Google, 1,522, or 59% were in the methods classes. Microsoft, with 2,847 patents received, had 1,575, or 55%, that fall under the heading of methods.