Inna Dahlin

Inna Dahlin is a US Patent Attorney, admitted to practice in Massachusetts and the US Patent and Trademark Office. Inna has a PhD in Computer Science, an MSc in Molecular Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY), and a JD from Suffolk University Law School (Boston, MA). Before joining Valea, Inna worked in a global law firm, an Am Law 100 law firm, and in one of the top ten largest IP law firms in the US. Inna has worked with various technologies, including software, wireless technology, consumer electronics, semiconductors, medical devices and systems, and biotechnology. Inna will apply her knowledge and broad experience to strengthen our Electronics, IT & Telecom Team.

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SEPs in Europe: From Huawei/ZTE to Apple/Optis, Europe Has Become a Friend to Patentees

During IPWatchdog’s Standards, Patents & Competition Masters 2022 program last week, one panel examined the standard essential patent (SEP) landscape in Europe, which has become decidedly more patent owner friendly than that of the United States in recent years. Beginning with the landmark 2015 decision by the European Court of Justice in Huawei v. ZTE, ([2015] EUECJ C-170/13), European courts have held SEP holders and implementers to account by applying the framework set forth in that ruling, which panelist Inna Dahlin of Valea AB summarized for attendees.