This Week in Washington IP: USPTO-FDA Listening Session, China’s IP Landscape, Women in Entrepreneurship

MLK DC MemorialThis week in Washington IP news, following the federal holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Congress is not in session, but there are still some interesting events to put on your calendar, including the all-day listening session on United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)-U.S. Food & Drug Administration collaboration on Thursday; a panel discussion at the American Enterprise Institute about the near-term future for financial markets; and a discussion with IP experts at the USPTO about IP protection in China.

Tuesday, January 17

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Carnegie Connects: Understanding Xi’s China With David Rennie

At 10:00 AM on Tuesday, online video webinar

China’s growing importance in geopolitics and the world economy is an important consideration for leaders around the world. This talk will look at how conflict can be minimized and cooperation between China and the US can be maximized. Carnegie’s Aaron David Miller will discuss China under President Xi Jinping with David Rennie, the Economist’s Beijing bureau chief.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

China IP developments: A view from the ground

At 7:00 PM on Tuesday, online video webinar

The USPTO is hosting this presentation with three current or recent USPTO IP attachés posted to China, Conrad Wong, Duncan Willson, and Juli Schwartz. The talk will cover information about the current IP landscape in China, and the speakers will discuss IP enforcement and protection. The talk is highly recommended for IP holders hoping to do business in China.

Wednesday, January 18

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Women’s Entrepreneurship event: How to identify and protect your intellectual property (IP) for business success

At 12:00 PM on Wednesday, Collier Museum at Government Center, Naples Florida, and online video webinar

This event is in part of the Women’s Entrepreneurship imitative from the USPTO and the Department of Commerce that has the goal of empowering women to start businesses. This talk will discuss why protecting your IP is key to starting or maintaining a successful business. The four speakers at the event will be The Honorable Kate O’Malley, retired  U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit judge, Chrissybil Boulin, the Founder of Jump Start Tutoring Center, Vaishali Udupa, incoming Commissioner for Patents at the USPTO, and Kathi Vidal, Director of the USPTO.

American Enterprise Institute

Soft Economic Landing or Financial Market Crisis?

At 2:00 PM on Wednesday, online video webinar

A potential economic recession or depression is on the minds of many in 2023, so the American Enterprise Institute is hosting an event that will evaluate the likelihood that central banks will reduce inflation without causing a recession or market meltdown. After the discussion, the panelists will also be available for a Q&A session.

Thursday, January 19

United States Patent and Trademark Office

USPTO-FDA Joint Public Listening Session

On Friday, the USPTO released the agenda for its joint United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) public listening session on collaboration initiatives being held on Thursday, January 19. Attendees must register by Tuesday, January 17 and seating is limited for in-person participation. The deadline to speak passed on January 5. The listening session relates to a joint July 2022 announcement of the USPTO and FDA that the Office plans to execute a number of initiatives aimed at lowering drug prices, as directed in July 2021 by President Joe Biden’s “Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy.”

Cato Institute

Differentiating DeFi: Understanding Efforts to Regulate Decentralized Finance

At 12:00 PM on Thursday, Cato Institute and online video webinar

With cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin grabbing headlines and the recent bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, cryptocurrency regulation has become a much more discussed policy debate. This panel will discuss the validity of regulating decentralized finance and how it compares to the centralized, traditional financial system.

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