July 26, 2021

IP Goes Pop! Ep #3: Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property – Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal

Welcome to this week’s episode of IP Goes Pop!, hosted by Volpe Koenig intellectual property attorney Michael Snyder.

In this episode, Michael is joined by fellow Volpe Koenig shareholder Jay Halt and patent attorney Ankit Aggarwal, to talk about artificial intelligence and its place in pop culture. They discuss inventorship and how it can become even more complicated when artificial intelligence is added to the mix.

The panel seeks to answer a very interesting question: What happens when artificial intelligence technology provides a solution that is previously unknown? Does the AI platform become the inventor of the corresponding patent rights to the solution? To answer these questions, the panel discusses a variety of AI technology from popular sci-fi TV shows and movies.

On this episode:

  • Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Pop Culture
  • Patents and Inventorship
  • Difficulties with determining inventorship (even for humans)
  • Reducing inventions to practice
  • Can machines think? Can machines invent?
  • The AI Turing Test
  • Can an Artificial Intelligence be considered the inventor of a patent?
  • First filed patent application claiming an Artificial Intelligence Inventor
  • Ramifications of current USPTO position on AI inventorship
  • Advantages/Disadvantaged of naming AI as an inventor
  • Ownership of an invention/patent and assigning rights

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