IPWatchdog LIVE In Person, Conference Set for September 12-14 in Dallas, Texas

“With a focus on networking, and with A+ content, IPWatchdog LIVE will bring together the disparate elements of our readership and industry—from politicos, to business executives, to attorneys, and inventors. ”

https://depositphotos.com/51349667/stock-illustration-dallas-city-skyline-color-circle.htmlWe are proud to announce that our much anticipated Conference, postponed several times due to COVID-19, will  take place at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson from September 12-14, 2021.

Onsite registration will begin on Sunday, September 12, followed by an opening General Session, and then an Opening Cocktail Reception. A premium will be placed on networking, with two Networking Breakfasts, five Networking Breaks, three Networking Receptions and facilitated one-on-one meetings. We will conclude with an ethics CLE prior to our Closing Reception.

What Makes This Conference Different?

There are many excellent industry conferences to choose from, but IPWatchdog LIVE will be truly one of a kind. Traditionally, there are separate conferences for intellectual property attorneys; for dealmakers and those on the monetization side of the business; for inventors; for technology transfer specialists who work at universities; and policy conferences that bring together political leaders and insiders. But there is not a single conference that brings all of these different segments within our industry together in one place at one time. That is what IPWatchdog LIVE will do.

IPWatchdog.com has always strived to be a place where everyone in the industry can find something useful, interesting, educational, and even entertaining. And that is what IPWatchdog LIVE will be. With a focus on networking, and with A+ content, IPWatchdog LIVE will bring together the disparate elements of our readership and industry—from politicos, to business executives, to attorneys, and inventors. This will be the Industry Conference.

Speakers, Moderators and Panels

Another thing that will separate IPWatchdog LIVE from so many other IP events is the programming. We realize that people primarily choose to attend a conference for networking opportunities, and we will have plenty of those, but we fundamentally believe there is no reason content should suffer. Our philosophy has always been that “content is King”, and that will show clearly at this Conference.

Speakers, panelists, moderators and topics will be chosen in close consultation with our Editor-in-Chief, Eileen McDermott, and our long-time advisors and partners. Content and speaker quality will be closely curated to ensure an exceptional program.

A Call for Panel Proposals

In order to cast our net wide, and to seek any and all good ideas, we will have an open call for Panel Proposals and Speakers. We are looking for topics relating to patent prosecution, patent litigation, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and the business of IP. If you would like to submit a topic for consideration please use this form to submit the requested information as soon as possible. Panels and speaking roles will be filled on a revolving basis starting in June.

See You in Dallas

With A+ speakers and top level content we will create a center of gravity to attract other A-level industry insiders who want to participate in this “welcome back” event, which will create a unique networking opportunity that has not existed since at least January 2020. It is time to get back to business, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone!

If you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with us on this Conference, please contact us. For more information about sponsorship please see Sponsorship Information.


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