Episode 2: Judge Randall Rader: Interview w/ Former Federal Circuit Chief Judge about Patent System & his life

Sampling of stories and topics discussed during the interview:

  • Mistakenly ending up in Soviet Union during the Cold War
  • Working with John Podesta (chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign) on Capitol Hill
  • Advising Judge Bork before his Supreme Court confirmation hearings
  • Being nominated and serving on the Federal Claims Court and the Federal Circuit
  • Bilski decision, its aftermath, and the state of subject matter eligibility in America
  • Views about the Supreme Court’s patent law jurisprudence
  • The American Invents Act (AIA) and the creation of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) “death squad”
  • Importance of software patents specifically
  • Importance of a strong patent system for economic development and America’s global competiveness
  • Ideas for improving America’s patent system
  • China’s commitment to improving its own patent system
  • Advice to law students and lawyers
  • And, much more!


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