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Register NowWhat is your strategy for translating big IP data into competitive intelligence for your organization?

A lot of IP professionals are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information now available to them and living up to the task of making it work for their company and procedures. Translating the data into practical, actionable information for companies and clients can be challenging without the right ways to process and interpret the material.

New technologies enabling predictive analysis of big data provide IP professionals with a platform for better decision-making and vastly improve efficiencies. But what should you be looking for in the sea of data? What kinds of information sources are best? How do you identify the most meaningful assets and opportunities owned by your own company or client let alone keep tabs on what competitors are doing domestically and abroad? The challenge can be daunting, and merely turning to data for answers is the first step. Knowing where to look, what to look for, how to interpret and what information is most relevant is what will lead to the best, most useful actionable intelligence for  your company or client.

Monty Wright, VP of IP Assets for GE Ventures Licensing.

Monty Wright, VP of IP Assets for GE Ventures Licensing.

On Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 2pm ET, please join Gene Quinn (IPWatchdog) and Monty Wright (VP of IP Assets for GE Ventures Licensing) for a discussion on how IPW professionals can become more agile and profitable by using intelligence derived from big data. Whether you are representing clients or attempting to deliver results for your company, the insights waiting to be discovered both with respect to your in-house landscape and from a competitive intelligence standpoint are great.

See first hand examples of how companies:

  • Improve efficiency by combining internal and external data sources to drive increased insight;
  • Offer business counsel on where the next generation of IP should focus; and
  • Offer strategic direction to the business around key board level questions such as “how do we compare to our competitors in terms of core technology” and where should we be focusing more (or fewer) resources.

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