PatentCore Joins Forces with LexisNexis® on PatentAdvisor™

Reed Technology and Information Services Inc., a part of the LexisNexis® family and a provider of content management services, announced earlier today that it has joined forces with PatentCore.  You may recall that PatentCore is a publisher of online Patent Office analytics, which for the first time has given the patent bar and public a snapshot look at what goes on inside the Patent Office Art Unit by Art Unit and patent examiner by patent examiner.

Reed and PatentCore have recently launched of Reed Tech PatentAdvisorTM information services, a family of on-line data intelligence tools for patent professionals.

PatentAdvisor™ provides patent professionals the ability to make analytics-driven strategic decisions based on predictable patterns demonstrated by the more than the 7,500 U.S. patent examiners during patent prosecution.  Presently, PatentAdvisor™ provides patent professionals with strategic insight based upon information gleaned from an analysis of more than 5 million patent applications, with more applications being added continually. If you are interested sign-up for a 2-day free trial to test drive PatentAdvisor™ and see for yourself.

Gone are the days where statistical analysis based on a few hundred applications would be extrapolated to find meaning. With data from 5 million patent applications clear trends can be identified, evaluated and where necessary taken into account with an adjusted prosecution strategy.


For example, you might learn that you are working with a patent examiner that averages 4 or more office actions per action, or that the patent examiner you are working with has not issued a patent for several years unless and until a Notice of Appeal is filed.

As surprising as it is to some, there are patent examiners who choose not to issue patents unless ordered to do so by the Board, or at least until the applicant files a Notice of Appeal. That information is vital to have because what is the point in filing a Request for Continued Examination (RCE) if you are working with an examiner who won’t issue until you are on the appeals track? Similarly, knowing the proclivities of the entire Art Unit may provide insight into whether the Supervisor Patent Examiner(s) view their role as issuing patents or preventing the issuance of patents.

Having access to information about how patent examiners and Art Units handle various matters allows companies to become more informed and better allocate prosecution budgets, and allows attorneys to strategically recommend an optimized path forward.

The new collection of on-line services expands upon the previously released Reed Tech Patent Application Reports with a variety of additional new and unique offerings.

The listing of PatentAdvisor services currently includes:

  • PatentAdvisor Open Search Service

This simple to use on-line search system provides instant access to comprehensive and dynamically updated performance data for every U.S. patent examiner and art unit.  Reported performance attributes include, for example, data related to RCE turnaround time, allowance rates, and appeal process outcomes.

  • PatentAdvisor Report Service

This on-line service enables a user to select any patent application and quickly obtain a corresponding printable PDF application report that includes commentary and useful statistics that reveal what is “normal” for the examiner and the art unit assigned to the selected application.

  • PatentAdvisor Corporate Dashboard Service

Corporations now have easy on-line access to comprehensive and dynamically updated analysis of how different law firms, lawyers, examiners and art units have managed the assets in their own product portfolio or in one of their competitors.

  • PatentAdvisor Law Firm Dashboard Service

IP attorneys and their organizations can access this on-line service to quickly and easily compare their clients’ patent application statuses to a broad universe of metrics specific to the associated examiners and art units processing the applications.  This information is useful for improving efficiency, for supporting marketing efforts, and for managing client expectations.

“We are excited to be working closely with PatentCore in bringing new and unique value to the IP community focused on managing their patent application portfolios and patent prosecution decisions,” said David Ballai, CIO & VP Commercial Solutions, Reed Technology.  “PatentAdvisor now helps our clients to make exceptionally informed decisions about their patent application management strategy, helping to shorten the prosecution cycle, improve the likelihood of a high-quality patent grant, and drive material cost efficiencies into the process.”

“Our collaboration with the team at Reed Technology draws together the strengths of a global service provider with a deep understanding of U.S. patent information processing with an IP business dedicated to the delivery of actionable business intelligence,” said Chris Holt, CEO at PatentCore.  “The combination of business strengths will help to deliver to a big data solution designed to enable those in the IP community to benefit from a much deeper understanding of patent acquisition processes.”

To learn more about PatentAdvisor™ contact Rod Wittenberg at 215-441-6479 or [email protected] or visit

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