IPWatchdog Launches its JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section

You may have noticed that there is a new addition to IPWatchdog’s extensive arsenal of information available to IP professionals, employees and employers alike.   This week IPWatchdog.com has launched its newest brand, the  JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section;  which will feature available career opportunities within the IP world.

On average, IPWatchdog.com has over 60,000 unique visitors per month, with an average length of time spent on IPWatchdog.com by visitors of 3 minutes and 21 seconds, making IPWatchdog.com very “sticky” with regard to retaining those who land on our site.  We also boast a lofty Technorati.com ranking, routinely in the top 2,500 blogs on the Internet, which equates to IPWatchdog being in the top .2% (yep, that’s point two percent) of the nearly 1.2 million blogs indexed on the Internet according to Technorati.  Unlike a traditional blog, IPWatchdog provides information and detailed analysis in magazine-length articles.

For this reason, we decided that the  JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section would be no different.   So, unlike traditional job boards such as Monster, Career Builder and Dice, our listings will have the same look and feel of the IPWatchdog blog posts you all know and love.  Each position posting will initially be announced as an IPWatchdog blog post, which means the opportunity will be posted on our homepage amongst our most recent blog posts.  The in-depth, informative posts will then be sent directly to your email box every day if you are a subscriber to the IPWatchdog Daily Email.  Each opportunity will also be mentioned across our social media platforms as well.

So how can this help you?


If you are like so many other Americans today who find themselves out of work, searching for new employment opportunities can be daunting, frustrating, disappointing and overwhelming.  The goal for the JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section is to take away some of the stress of searching generic job websites such as LocalJobBoard, YahooJobs and SimplyHired, by featuring only those jobs that are pertinent to the IP industry.  Every time we get a new job submission, we will post it to our blog and by signing up for our IPWatchdog Daily Email, you will be notified of new available positions, as each new listing is posted.  You can also bookmark our JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section and check back everyday for new positions and updates to older posts.


Do you have a job opening in the intellectual property field?  Are you looking for a patent attorney, patent agent, paralegal, litigation associate or a partner level lateral with a book of business?  Are you seeking new IP professionals to join your law firm, corporation, educational institution, government body or any other organization, then let our platform work for you.  The JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section will be a great opportunity for you to expand your reach to your exact target audience at a very reasonable cost.


  • 1 month = $175 USD
  • 2 months = $275 USD
  • Until the position is filled = $350 USD

To let us know about your job opening please complete our Job Submission Questionnaire.  Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you have questions, would like to discuss posting multiple job openings, or you are  a recruiter with frequent job openings to post, feel free to contact me,  Renee C. Quinn to discuss how the IPWatchdog JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section can go to work, for you!



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