Happy Valentine’s Day: Patents for the Occasion

It is time once again to profile some patents in honor of the festive day. While many might not consider Valentine’s Day to be a major holiday worth of profiling patents, allow me to suggest that you test the theory by failing to acknowledge the amorous sentiment of the day and see just exactly how much of a major holiday your significant other considers it to be! Not that I would suggest giving heart shaped pepperoni slices to the love of your life (yes, patented, see below), but Valentine’s Day does need a proper celebration. In addition to the patents listed below be sure to also check out the Love Box, a patent from Valentine’s Day past.

Floral arrangement with gift box support
US Patent No. 5,735,075

From the Summary of the Invention:

“The present invention provides a florists’ gift box support that can be conveniently used to securely attach a rectangular gift box to an open-mouthed container simultaneously being used to hold a bouquet of flowers. The support holds the gift box adjacent to the flower bouquet so that the flowers compliment the gift box, thereby providing an attractive presentation of the gift to the recipient. More importantly, because the support allows quick and easy assembly of the floral kit, floral employees of even low skill can quickly and properly assemble the kit for delivery. Yet another advantage is that the support securely holds the gift box within the assembled kit so that the bouquet of flowers and the gift become one easily deliverable unit. Upon delivery, the recipient can easily remove the gift box from the support and there is no unsightly sticky residue left on the gift box… A method of assembling a floral kit is also provided.”

Floral container
US Patent No. 6,505,425

From the Summary of the Invention:

“The present invention provides a floral container comprising receptacle-forming panels joined together to form a receptacle for a flower bouquet or other plants and one or more panels removably joined to one of the receptacle-forming panels so that it may be selectively removed from the receptacle. The removable panel may include indicia corresponding to a special holiday, such as Valentine’s Day in which case the preferred method of doing business includes removing the panel after the holiday and prior to the purchaser receiving the bouquet. Alternatively, the removable panel may include a coupon for removal by a purchaser, price/inventory information for removal by a retailer, and/or plant care instructions for removal by a recipient.”

Heart shaped, free standing, living horticultural plants
US Patent No. 4,993,184

From the Summary of the Invention:

“[T]he heart-shaped, free-standing, living plant comprises at least two living plants having root ends secured together, intermediate opposed trunk sections bowed outwardly and each extending into an upper arcuate bend where the opposed trunks extend downwardly together to form a left lobe and right lobe of the heart-shaped plant. The foliage ends are looped downwardly and extended laterally across the mid-section of the formed plant to form a middle foliage section transversing the heart-shaped plant. A support means supports and maintains the heart-shaped configuration during the initial growing period while the growing heart-shaped plant is being permanently formed. Thereafter, the support means can be removed to provide a free-standing living plant.”

Design Patents:

Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like heart shaped pepperoni!

Heart Shaped Cheese Slice
US Design Patent D491711

Heart Shaped Toy
US Design Patent D491711

Heart Shaped Pepperoni Slice
US Design Patent D491338


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