The Envelope Please: ABA Top 100 Blawg Results Announced

On November 30th, 2010, the Editors of the ABA Journal had announced the selection of the top 100 best law blogs by lawyers, for lawyers.  Readers were then given one full month to vote for their favorite blogs.  Each individual could vote for more than one blog in any category, but could only vote once per blog.  Now the voting has ended and the ABA Journal has announced the winners of the Fourth Annual ABA Journal Blawg 100, which recognizes the best legal blogs for 2010.

We are pleased to announce that our readers voted as the winner in our category making us the Top IP Law blog on the Internet in 2010!  We would like to congratulate all of the blogs that made it into the top 100, provide linkbacks to those blogs selected and encourage our readers to check out these top legal blogs.  Their accomplishments should not go unnoticed.  To our readers, we thank you for your loyalty and support.

So without further ado, here are the overall results of the 2010 ABA Journal Blawg 100 contest!


***IPWatchdog won this category with 299 votes (Fourth Place Overall)

**Patently O took 2nd place with 209 votes (Ninth Place Overall)

*Techdirt was in 3rd place with 85 votes

The TTABlog had 51 votes

IPKat had 37 votes

Copyrights & Campaigns had 31 votes


***SCOTUSblog won this category with 280 votes (Sixth Place Overall)

**First One @ One First took 2nd place with 48 votes

*Bench Memos was in 3rd place with 37 votes

Josh Blackman’s Blog had 32 votes

The Justice Brennan Blog had 30 votes


***3 Geeks and a Law Blog won this category with 190 votes

**Legal Practice Pro took 2nd place with 154 votes

* was in 3rd with 65 votes

Lawyerist had 50 votes

What About Clients? had 46 votes

22 Tweets had 46 votes

The Client Revolution had 42 votes

The Careerist had 39 votes

Real Lawyers Have Blogs had 31 votes

Law21 had 29 votes

Adam Smith, Esq. had 23 votes

AdamsDrafting had 20 votes

“Avoid a Claim” Blog had 12 votes


***Above the Law won this category with 219 votes (Eighth Place Overall)

**The Am Law Daily took 2nd place with 83 votes

*Law Blog was in 3rd with 52 votes

The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times had 43 votes

Legal Blog Watch had 38 votes

How Appealing had 35 votes

Proof and Hearsay had 32 votes

Threat Level had 16 votes

Law & Order had 11 votes

Legal Newsline had 6 votes


***Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog won this category with 98 votes

**TaxProf Blog took 2nd place with 62 votes

*Feminist Law Professors was in 3rd with 28 votes

Concurring Opinions had 26 votes

PrawfsBlawg had 25 votes

The Faculty Lounge had 23 votes

Truth on the Market had 22 votes

Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports had 21 votes had 20 votes

Religion Clause had 19 votes

Legal Profession Blog had 18 votes

The Situationist had 16 votes


***Abnormal Use won this category with 184 votes

**Marler Blog took 2nd place with 130 votes

*Jackson on Consumer Class Actions and Mass Torts was in 3rd with 60 votes

The Pop Tort had 50 votes

New York Personal Injury Law Blog had 47 votes

Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Blog had 39 votes

Drug and Device Law had 30 votes

FDA Law Blog had 12 votes


***Work Matters won this category with 295 votes (Fifth Place Overall)

** Delaware Employment Law Blog took 2nd place with 197 votes (Tenth Place Overall)

*Fair Competition Law was in 3rd with 63 votes

Connecticut Employment Law Blog had 52 votes

Ohio Employer’s Law Blog had 45 votes


***Not Guilty won this category with 59 votes

**What the Judge Ate for Breakfast took 2nd place with 58 votes

*D.A. Confidential was in 3rd with 63 votes

Simple Justice had 43 votes

Defending People had 42 votes

Sentencing Law and Policy had 39 votes

Crime & Consequences had 37 votes

A Public Defender had 21 votes


***The Legal Styricon won this category with 184 votes

**Jonathan Turley took 2nd place with 126 votes

*The Volokh Conspiracy was in 3rd with 124 votes

The Nutmeg Lawyer had 62 votes

My Law License had 38 votes

The Belly of the Beast had 33 votes

Charon QC had 26 votes


*** Blog won this category with 347 votes (Third Place Overall)

**China Law Blog took 2nd place with 228 votes (Seventh Place Overall)

*Taxgirl was in 3rd with 120 votes

The Not-So Private Parts had 77 votes

Election Law Blog had 60 votes

The Jury Room had 56 votes

Mississippi Litigation Review and Commentary had 27 votes

A Connecticut Law Blog had 23 votes

School Law had 22 votes

ZONE had 22 votes


***Law Law Land won this category with 481 votes (First Place Overall)

**That’s What She Said took 2nd place with 439 votes (Second Place Overall)

*Corporette was in 3rd with 102 votes

Lowering the Bar had 92 votes

The Namby Pamby, Attorney-at-Law had 65 votes

The Prime-Time Crime Review had 26 votes

THR, Esq. had 26 votes


***iPhone J.D won this category with 87 votes

**Bow Tie Law’s Blog took 2nd place with 68 votes

*Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites was in 3rd with 50 votes

Technology & Marketing Law Blog had 42 votes

Tablet Legal had 41 votes

FutureLawyer had 28 votes

Ride the Lightening had 26 votes

Strategic Legal Technology had 16 votes

e-Discovery Insights had 13 votes


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