IPWatchdog 2010: ABA Blawg Tops + Over 2 Million Visits

It has been an interesting year for us at IPWatchdog.com, from getting sued in January 2010, to exclusive interviews with the likes of Chief Judge Randall Rader, Chief Judge Paul Michel, Former U.S. Senator Birch Bayh, USPTO Director David Kappos and former USPTO Directors Todd Dickinson and Nick Godici and others, we have stayed busy. We have put more emphasis this year on reporting live from industry news events, such as from the BIO 2010 International Convention and the AIPLA Annual Meeting.  Of course, the familiar opinion commentary that I so love to write has also been a mainstay.

The big news for us is just coming in as of today. I am pleased to announce that IPWatchdog.com was selected by the readers of the ABA Journal as their favorite IP Law blog for 2010. See ABA Journal Blawg 100 IP Law category for 2010.  I am also pleased to announce that for 2010 we had over 2,000,000 visits, delivered nearly 11.8 million pages, our homepage was viewed 3.06 million times and we averaged over 67,000 unique monthly visitors!  Thanks to all our readers for coming back day after day, and thanks to all of our Guest Contributors!

During 2010 we had 40 articles that had more than 10,000 page views.  Believe it or not, I only had 2 of the top 5, with Renee having written 3 of the top 5.  All in all, Renee had 7 of the top 40 articles, I had 30 of the top 40 articles, and we had three guest contributions that garnered more than 10,000 page views.  The guests breaking the top 40 were Mark Nowotarski with #22 Reducing Patent Backlog and Prosecution Costs Using PAIR Data; Henry Notthaft and David Kline with #31 Was Thomas Edison a Patent Troll?; and Andrew Cole with #38 Bilski and Software Patents: A Programmers Perspective.  The full top 40 for 2010 were as follows:

  1. eBay Sued for Patent Infringement (31,017)
  2. The Importance of Using Social Networking for Business: Facebook (25,788)
  3. Pacman Celebrates its 30th Anniversary – Google Style (23,359)
  4. The Role for Open Source in Paradigm Shifting Innovation (20,958)
  5. The Importance of Using Social Networking for Business: Twitter (20,920)
  6. Patent Attorney Arrested for Threatening President Obama (16,806)
  7. PTO Proposes Major New Patent Application Processing Rules (15,989)
  8. Top 10 Social Networking Resolutions for Business (15,421)
  9. LegalZoom Sued in Class Action for Unauthorized Practice of Law (15,277)
  10. USPTO Expands Project Exchange to Reduce Backlog (15,055)
  11. Why Open Source Stalls Innovation and Patents Advance It (14,606)
  12. IPToday Ranks Top IP Law Firms (13,226)
  13. The Importance of Social Networking for Business: LinkedIn (13,207)
  14. The Plot Thickens in Apple Patent Battle with HTC (12,919)
  15. Supremes Decide Bilski: Machine or Transformation Not the Only Test, Bilski Not Patentable (12,385)
  16. Apple Seeks Patents on Travel, Hotel and Fashion Apps (12,381)
  17. Patent Reality Check: The Hypocrisy of Duke University on Patents (12,128)
  18. Using Social Media to Show Expertise and Build Credibility (11,795)
  19. When Will the Supreme Court Decide Bilski? (11,747)
  20. Culture of Indifference Fuels Software Piracy Market (11,733)
  21. Another Day Without Bilski Decision, What Does it Mean? (11,648)
  22. Reducing Patent Backlog and Prosecution Costs Using PAIR Data (11,158)
  23. Patent Searching 102: Using Public PAIR (11,121)
  24. USPTO Expands Green Technology Acceleration Pilot Program (11,116)
  25. The Apple Way: Repeated Innovation + Patent = Domination (11,028)
  26. An On the Record Interview with CAFC Judge Randall Rader (11,012)
  27. Darby & Darby Dissolving after 115 Years in Business (10,989)
  28. On the Go Business Apps — Mobile Business Tools for Apple (10,921)
  29. Mother of all Patent Trolls, Acacia Research, Gets More Funding (10,907)
  30. USPTO Proposes 24 Month Provisional Application Pendency (10,857)
  31. Was Thomas Edison a Patent Troll? (10,682)
  32. Dissecting Bilski: The Meaning of the Supreme Patent Decision (10,643)
  33. The Information Needed to Avoid Writing Bad Software Patents (10,536)
  34. Patent Searches: A Great Opportunity to Focus on What is Unique (10,529)
  35. USPTO Sends Memo to Examiners Regarding Bilski v. Kappos (10,502)
  36. Monday June 21, Another No Bilski Day for the Supremes (10,428)
  37. The Wait Continues: Another Day Without a Bilski Decision (10,257)
  38. Bilski and Software Patents: A Programmers Perspective (10,243)
  39. Fox News Sunday Discusses Patent Stimulus to Create Jobs (10,203)
  40. Paul Allen Sues Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Others for Patent Infringement (10,093)

During 2010 we had a total of 811,683 “unique visitors.”  Unique visitors really relates to “monthly uniques” and we do not have the ability to know exactly how many individual unique visitors we received over all of 2010, but with a total of the monthly uniques at 811,683 this corresponds to an average of 67,640 monthly uniques during 2010.  This represents a steep increase compared with 2009.  During 2009 adding our monthly unique total up comes to 684,196, which corresponds to an average of 57,016 monthly uniques during 2010, so we grew by more than 10,000 unique monthly visitors during 2010, for a monthly unique growth rate of 18.3% for 2010 compared with 2009.

We similarly grew in terms of the total number of visits.  During 2010 we had  2,045,563 visits, while during 2009 we had 1,608,859 visits.  This represents a visit growth rate of 27.1% for 2010 compared with 2009.

We also had 39 individuals who were guest authors, sometimes solo and sometimes in groups. All total we had 61 guest contributions in 2010. The leaders among guest contributors were Eric Guttag (with 22 articles), Scott Daniels (with 5 articles), Beth Hutchens (with 5 articles) and Mark Nowotarski (with 3 articles).

Joseph Allen
Gerald Barnett
Andrew Beckerman-Rodau
Richard Belzer
Merritt Blakeslee
David Boundy
Dmitry Brant
Andrew Cole
Robert C. Cumbow
Scott Daniels
Staci Dresher
Tracy-Gene Durkin
Jeffery Fougere
Eric Guttag
Michelle Holoubek
Beth Hutchens
Michael Kasdan
Renee Kaswan
Ron Katznelson, Ph.D.
David Kline
Gaby Longsworth
Scott A. McKeown
Leo Mazur
Trent Merrell
James Mintz
Andre Nel
Henry Notthaft
Mark Nowotarski
Sue D. Nym* (an anonymous contributor)
Robert Plotkin
Ron Reardon
James Richardson
Eric Steffe
Roberto M. Suárez
Amy Towell
Pat Walsh
John White
Joff Wild
Tara J. Williams

2010 was a great year. We look forward to another great year in 2011!


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  • [Avatar for Gene Quinn]
    Gene Quinn
    January 4, 2011 05:11 pm

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support.

    I’m looking forward to a great 2011!


  • [Avatar for Renee C. Quinn]
    Renee C. Quinn
    January 4, 2011 02:32 pm

    EG, Robin, Mark and MBT, thank you so much for taking the time to post your comments. We could not have won without the support of our readers! You guys are wonderful and it’s your support that makes what we do worth while. We are so proud to be the Top IP Law blog on the Internet! That is just so amazing and again that you to all who have helped us get there!


  • [Avatar for MBT]
    January 4, 2011 10:14 am

    Congrats! The voting confirmed what we already knew!

  • [Avatar for Mark Nowotarski]
    Mark Nowotarski
    January 4, 2011 10:07 am

    Likewise, congratulations. Well deserved.

  • [Avatar for Robin Rolfe]
    Robin Rolfe
    January 4, 2011 08:36 am

    Congratulations Gene and Renee and on being named “Top Dog”

  • [Avatar for EG]
    January 4, 2011 07:39 am


    Congratulations, your honor is well deserved. It’s been my pleasure to contribute and post on IPWatchdog.