Reduced Sponsorship and Advertising Rates for December 2010

Happy Holidays from IPWatchdog!

As we have seen a drastic increase in our readership over the last few years, has become a full-time endeavor, and as such we are actively seeking advertiser and sponsor partners who can use the visibility we can provide.  This will also provide us the ability to do more of what we are already doing, which we seem to have a knack for.   So in the spirit of the holidays we thought we’d offer discounted rates good for advertising or sponsorship campaigns initiated or continued during December 2010.

We pride ourselves on being well respected and trusted in the IP world and for that reason we are very selective with who we have advertising on our website and even more so of those who want to sponsor the Online Magazine.  We are not simply trying to sell ad space.  What we are looking to do is to find companies that we can build relationships with.  Companies that have what our readers are looking for, that we feel comfortable in sending our readers to and that we feel will give our readers the type of service we would want to get if we were in their shoes.  We are not a one-stop shop, nor have we ever claimed to be.  In fact we warn our readers that if you go some where, either online or in a brick and mortar location and they say that they can do it all, then they should beware of such companies.  You can know a little about a lot of things or know a lot about a few things.  Personally, I would prefer the latter.

We are very selective in who we have advertise/sponsor our web site and hence have turned away potential advertisers.  If we either feel a potential advertiser does not offer what our clients were looking for, we do not like the way we are treated prior to their even advertising with us or if they had a reputation that we would prefer to not be associated with, we will turn them away.  We do not want someone on our site that we would not be comfortable working with ourselves, let alone sending our readers to.  We want our advertisers and sponsors to feel comfortable enough in their relationship with, to pick up the phone and call me or to shoot me an email when they feel something is not working for them.  We can change the ad design or switch it out completely with a new one.  We know that if your advertising campaign does not work for you, then it will do us no good in the long run.

Right now I am hearing from many potential advertisers and sponsors that they have either spent or gone over their entire 2010 budget, are working on their marketing budgets for 2011 or that they simply do not advertise in this type of venue.  But we all know that you can never get too many clients/customers, and if you feel you can get too many, than that is a good problem to have I suppose.  But if you are not one of the lucky ones to have that problem and are looking to increase your traffic within the IP community, can help.  We had a great month last month.  More than 78,000 Unique Visitors visited our site in the month of November alone!  See 2010 traffic statistics.  I am also proud to share that for the second year in a row, we were selected by the ABA Journal as one of the Top 100 Legal Blogs on the Internet.

With the holidays approaching, we have gotten very much in the spirit and have decided to give our readers a gift that will hopefully keep on giving.  For the holidays we are offering advertising and sponsorship marketing opportunities at discounted rates for our readers whether you are domestic or International.  For the month of December 2010, anyone who either signs up for a new campaign, or chooses to continue in their current ad campaign with us will be entitled to a discounted rate for the time frame that they choose to advertise.  The longer you choose to advertise with us, the bigger the discount will be.  But in order to get the discounted rates, you must pay the full amount up front for the period you choose.

You can read more about our advertising and sponsorship opportunities on the Advertise with IPWatchdog page.  We also feature basic demographics and statistics on our website traffic as well.  I also have additional information available including a list of the types of companies that read IPWatchdog, along with a representative list of titles of the type of reader we generally have on our web site.

If you decide you would like to learn more about our sale, including pricing, please send me a contact form with your company name, website and your telephone number so I can send you information and we can discuss the opportunities further.   Please do not request to exchange links, as this is not something we generally do.  I look forward to speaking with you.  Have a happy and safe Holiday Season!


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