IPWatchdog Social Networking Diva Presents at Association of Patent Law Firms Annual Meeting

Renee C. Quinn, Social Networking Expert

The Association of Patent Law Firms (APLF) will present its 2010 Annual Meeting in Chicago from September 29 to October 1 at the Hyatt Regency. The event will bring together lawyers and professionals whose practices are dedicated to patent, trademark and copyright law. Renee C. Quinn, of IPWatchdog, Inc., will be one of the speakers on the program this year, discussing Social Networking for the IP Lawyer on Friday, October 1, 2010. In addition to discussing the Social Networking phenomenon, the APLF Annual Meeting program will address contemporary IP law firm management issues in addition to current substantive IP topics. IP experts from Whirlpool, INVISTA and Clorox will share their IP experiences and issues and how they relate to recent IP developments.

Social Networking for the IP Lawyer: For Profit or Pleasure, will discuss whether intellectual property professionals should be using social networking sites for expertise building, business development, marketing, networking and recruiting. If so (and I think the answer will be a resounding YES) how and to what degree should social networking be employed? The speakers will explore strategies that are being used to increase personal and firm visibility in the on-line community. Practical tips for professionals who want to build a referral network on LinkedIn, Google and other networks. The pros and cons of Facebook and tweeting to attract new business. Should these be firm or individual initiatives, and more.

In addition to the business side of the social networking equation, panel members will also discuss the legal responsibilities and concerns associated with social networking. There are a range of legal issues and potential liabilities that are quite familiar to intellectual property professionals, such as the potential for copyright infringement, defamation and disclosure of trade secrets, among others. The panel will discuss how to deal with these issues and what advice should lawyers give on internal policies, privacy, electronic discovery and employment law ramifications of social media.

Renee’s presentation will relate to establishing yourself as an expert and what you should and should not do through social networking websites.  Renee, who has a M.B.A. in eBusiness, has written numerous business and social networking articles for IPWatchdog.com, including:

In addition to the programs scheduled, the APLF meeting offers networking functions including receptions, roundtables, luncheons and coffee breaks allowing participants to mingle with their colleagues. Both partner and associate roundtables will discuss timely topics that affect both management and business development. On top of that, if you are not familiar with the Hyatt Regency in Chicago it really is a great hotel with wonderful accommodations (at least in my opinion).

About The Association of Patent Law Firms

APLF is an international association of independent law firms that devote a majority of their practice to intellectual property. The Association provides leadership by developing, facilitating and implementing programs that strengthen the capabilities of our member firms, and promotes the clear business advantage of specialized IP law firms. APLF programs include not only continuing legal education, but also other essentials for excellence in IP practice such as firm leadership, management, client-focused practice, technology systems and advanced knowledge in the sciences and technical arts.

Download the APLF Annual Meeting brochure to register for the annual meeting.


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