United Inventors Association Membership Drive

I am a member of the Board of Directors for the United Inventors Association, which is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since 1990 the UIA has been dedicated to inventor education & support. August is National Inventors Month, which coincidentally was was started in 1998 by the United Inventors Association of the USA (UIA-USA), the Academy of Applied Science, and Inventors’ Digest magazine.  To coincide with this celebration of inventors the UIA has launched a Membership Drive.  With that in mind, members of the Board of Directors are reaching out to our professional contacts to introduce the UIA and to encourage membership in our worthwhile organization.  We are also trying to reach out to independent inventors as well, in an effort to increase our ranks and bring in new members.  For more information about celebrating inventorship see IPWatchdog.com posts relating to National Inventors Month.

The Professional Membership Committee, of which I am the Chair, has come up with 7 Reasons to Join the UIA. These are:

  1. Grow Your Business – Reach to 10,000+ serious inventors, entrepreneurs and 50+ local group leaders.
  2. Signal Trust – Inventors can be paranoid. Showcase your credentials with the “UIA-Certified” Digital Seal.
  3. Keep Good Company – Associate with reputable experts and groups. Network with peers. Get referrals.
  4. Save Time – Inventors can be misinformed. UIA’s educational materials enlighten them, and save you time.
  5. Get Published – Contribute to our national newsletter and digital library.
  6. Stay Informed – Get weekly updates on major industry events and opportunities.
  7. Have a Say – Vote and participate in UIA governance, and even stand for election to the Board of Directors.

By way of further information and to show the type of worthwhile endeavors the United Inventors Association engages in, in March 2009 the UIA sponsored the creation of a 10 part mini-series. This mini-series explains everything an inventor should know about the inventing process, from idea to commercialization and everything in between. Through panel discussions with industry experts we explain to inventors how to avoid scams, how to protect their inventions, everything they need to know about prototypes and 3D modeling, exploiting licensing opportunities, manufacturing both in short runs and larger productions, packaging and making money on your invention. See this introduction below.

I would like to encourage everyone to consider joining the United Inventors Association. A Professional Membership starts as low as $249 per year. We also offer sponsorship opportunities, which comes along with sitewide banner advertisements and advertisements in all of our newsletters. The UIA is funded exclusively by its Inventor and Professional members, and our Sponsors, Patrons and Donors. In order to continue to fulfill this vital mission we need your support to whatever extent you are able.

If you have any questions please let me know. I am happy to answer your questions, and put you in touch with our Executive Director to pursue membership or sponsorship. Additionally, if you are not interested in joining, but do see the value in our non-profit group please consider making a donation, which can be done by visiting the United Inventors Association and clicking on MAKE A DONATION, which is prominently displayed at the top of our homepage.


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