Inventors Digest Essay Contest for Teens

In honor of National Inventors Month in August, Inventors Digest magazine and partners are sponsoring the 2059 Essay Contest for middle school and high school students. is proud to be one of the sponsors for this exciting essay contest, which asks those in ages 12 to 17 to write a 500 word (or less) essay on a technology, tool, product or service will shape our lives in the year 2059.  As the contest information explains: “In 1959, the internal pacemaker, the microchip, the Barbie doll and pantyhose were invented. Each was significant in its own right. But that was so 50 years ago.”  Then the assignment asks: “What will the world look like in 2059?”  This should be an interesting and educational opportunity for teens, which will allow them to show their imagination and creativity in envisioning the future, and perhaps even spark an interest in Science Fiction as well.  As we all know, what is science fiction today becomes science fact tomorrow, as most recently evidenced by scientists transporting matter (a la Star Trek) and feverishly working on cloaking technology (a la Star Trek and Harry Potter).  There are also cool prizes, such as a laptop, the winning essay being published in Inventors Digest magazine and more!

The Grand Prize includes:

  • A laptop computer
  • Your essay published in Inventors Digest
  • A year’s subscription to the magazine
  • Possible appearance on the Emmy Award-winning PBS series Everyday Edisons
  • A killer T-shirt
  • Brain-teaser games

Eligibility: All middle school and high school students ages 12-17 in the United States. Grand prizes will be awarded for best middle school and high school entries. North Carolina and South Carolina entrants also are eligible for the regional Grand Prize, an iPod, courtesy of

Entry rules: Download official entry and all permission forms below. All essays must be original work of the student. Only 1 (ONE) entry per student. Submit essays and forms to Inventors Digest, with Essay Contest in the subject line or mail to Inventors Digest, Essay Contest, 520 Elliot St., Ste. 200, Charlotte, NC 28202 or fax to 704.333.5115. Include your birth date, school, address and phone number.

Criteria: Entries will be judged on clarity and vision of how we will use new technology or products in the year 2059. Winning essays will demonstrate imagination rooted in science and engineering principles. In other words, the best essays will show what’s possible as well as practical.

Deadlines: Submit essays Aug. 1-31, 2009. All entries must be postmarked by Aug. 31, 2009.

Winners will be notified on or by Sept. 28, 2009.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 704.369.7312 ext. 219 for more information.

Official Essay Contest Rules

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