Keeping Track of Top Patent Blog Voting

It has come to my attention that there is no real good way to check on the voting for Top Patent Blogs. I primarily use Mozilla Firefox and that seems to behave differently than Internet Explorer, at least with respect to this survey powered by I have heard that some folks have been voting multiple times to see the current standing, which seems to be the only way to keep track of voting results for those using Internet Explorer. Some have worried this was skewing results. I have confirmed that the survey is set up so that only one vote per computer will count, and if you try and vote multiple times it will appear as if you are allowed to do that, but additional votes are not registered. So everything is proceeding according to plan, with perhaps the exception of Patently O killing everyone! That is not surprising really given how popular Patently O has become, but what is great to see is that within the first 24 hours of voting every blog received at least 1 vote on question 2, and many are receiving a lot of question 2 votes, which means while Patently O is the early “favorite blog” there are a lot of other patent blogs that are well respected and well read.

Without further ado, for those wanting to periodically check the voting standings, below is the latest. You should be able to check back and refresh to keep an eye on voting progress.


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