Merry Christmas: Christmas Patents 2008

There were 21 US patents issued with the word “Christmas” in the title during 2008, with 7 being utility patents and 14 being design patents.  Without further ado, here are some of the better Christmas patents for 2008, and a few that just kinda made me scratch my head.

Christmas tree
Design Patent No. 578,034
Issued October 7, 2008

Modified Christmas tree
US Design Patent No. 571,251
Issued June 17, 2008


Water ease for Christmas trees
US Patent No. 7,367,157
Issued May 6, 2008

Christmas tree ornament hazard detector
US Patent No. 7,443,307
Issued October 28, 2008


While some of the inventions definitely seem to be related to Christmas, others are not so clearly relevant.  For example, US design patent D562,725 for Cactus Christmas tree, which issued on February 26, 2008, looks nothing like a Christmas tree to me.  Similarly, US design patent D565,294 for a Christmas tree container, which issued on April 1, 2008, looks like a storage unit that could be used for anything really, althought he bottom is wider than the top.  And US design patent D576,070 for a Christmas icicle light, which issued on September 2, 2008, seems interesting I have to wonder whether the use of the word “Christmas” in the title was more of a marketing ploy.

Merry Christmas!


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