Backscatter X-ray Patent Jury Trial Scheduled


Originally this page had a post containing discussion of a patent infringement lawsuit between American Science & Engineering, Inc. and AutoClear, LLC.  The facts used in this original post were take from a press release issued by AutoClear, LLC through Business Wire.  It has come to my attention that the press release issued by AutoClear was completely false.  In fact, United States District Judge Raymond Jackson issued an Order on December 16, 2008, explaining that AutoClear “issued the objectionable press release intentionally and in bad faith.  Furthermore, even if the misstatements were unintentional, the Court finds that the issuance of a patently misleading press release on a nationally available, widely-read internet site is completely irresponsible.”  AutoClear has been sanctioned for this fraudulent press release and Ordered to take remedial action to rectify the situation to the extent possible.  For more information please see my explanation posted on January 7, 2009 at Fraudulent Patent Press Release Leads to Sanctions.


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