Everyday Edisons Recruiting at Inventors Expo

InventBay.com a dynamic service company dedicated to helping inventors successfully bring their creative genius to market has just concluded arrangements with the creator and the host of PBSs Emmy Award-winning Everyday Edisons, to participate in the 2008 International Inventors Expo in Las Vegas. Creator Louis Foreman and Host Michael Cable will use this event to recruit inventors and their inventions for a future Everyday Edisons episode.

Foreman and Cable will be on hand on Saturday, October 18th the first day of this years International Invention Expo to talk to each inventor present, and to review each exhibited invention at the Expo. One lucky inventor will then be chosen to receive free airfare to a casting call audition for a 2009 Everyday Edisons episode, where that lucky inventors creation will be considered for inclusion in the program.

The InventBay.com International Inventors Expo will be open from 9AM to 5PM on October 18th and 19th. In addition to the inventor display tradeshow area, the Expo will include many in-depth, no-cost inventors seminars. Information about this years Inventors Expo can be found at http://www.inventbay.com/expo.

About InventBay.com:

InventBay.com, Inc. brings together inventors seeking assistance with capital, along with all of the other resources needs that will help inventors to bring their projects to market. InventBay.com connects inventors with capital resources, and service industry professionals such as patent attorneys, designers, prototype developers, consultants and other inventors with a variety of free services to aid the invention community. Inventors can post descriptions of their projects, status, and needs to a database that is made available to all site visitors. Listings currently include inventions with at least some level of intellectual property protection. InventBay.com is also a member of the United Inventors Association and the Better Business Bureau.


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