Obscure Patent: Skateboard deck

Composite sports board such as a skateboard deck
US Patent No. 6,648,363 [ PDF ]
Issued November 18, 2003

The picture gives this invention away.  If you guessed skateboard then you are correct!  In reality, the disclosure would also be sufficient to cover any type of sports board, not just a skateboard.  In fact, the wheels (shown above as 121A and 121B) are not present in any of the claims, which makes for an interesting skate board, doesn’t it?

What is present, however, is a requirement that the board itself have means for receiving one or more trucks.  What?  Well, as it turns out in the skateboard field a truck is really just an axle.  This demonstrates the importance of understanding terminology that is associated with a particular industry when writing a patent application, but why not just call it an axle?  I have no idea.  Yes, we can assume certain knowledge appropriate for those of skill in the art, and in this industry they would know that a truck is an axle, but I never recommend doing for inventors.  It is not at a good idea to assume knowledge on the part of anyone reading a patent application.  Only when it matters will anyone try and determine who the person of skill in the art is and what they would have known.  Take no chances!  Assume you are talking to an averge Joe, and to Joe a truck is a vehicle not an axle!  It is always best to remember that old saying, you know the one about what happens when you ASSUME!

So, this invention would seem to cover snowboards, for example, so long as the snowboard is manufactured such that it is capable of receiving an axle, which doesn’t seem very likely.  Nevertheless, the real cool part is that the board itself is made of grass!  Well, that is what the claim says anyway.  It is really made of a first and second layer of a grass mesh, with grass being defined as bamboo, hemp or kanaf, whatever kanaf is.  In any event, In between these first and second layers is an unspecified, relatively light and flexible core.  Of course, there needs to be an adhesive present to bind these three required layers. 

Who would have thought of a three ply skateboard?  Maybe someone familiar with plywood?  On another note, in order to have a skateboard wouldn’t you need more than one truck?  Maybe that is the real invention, a two wheel skateboard.  Now that would not be obvious at all.


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